Author: Hồ Xuân Vinh

With all of my respects for Professor Jong-Hyeok Lee, this work is based on a serie of wonderful and interesting lectures of him.

Recenly, I had the opportunity to work and learn from a Machine Translation research team in POSTECH. I had an interview with project leader Hong-seok and planned to write a post about it, to share a brilliant story about how they could start from scratch 4 months ago and now can achieve result better than those giants in this field such as Google or Samsung. Unfortunately, due to secret policy, I could not make it public to share with everyone. This leads to another idea in my mind: why not sharing the knowledge in Statistical Machine Translation class with my own voice, for people who do not have the chance like me to listen to one of the amazing eyewitnesses of the adventure to conquer the mystery land of Natural Language Processing. This first part and the following would be explained by me, sometimes there are conversations between me and lab mates or professor to discuss further about concerned problem. I hope this could help who struggle seeing SMT as a black box, instead of an amazing crystal clear in day light.  Read More