Those who lost the meaning of their life, shall find this book as a wonderful instructor than nothing else.

Under the view of outsiders, the life of a shepherd is a monotonic picture. It is a full boring circle of sequence of actions repeated day by day, where the flock of sheep are herded to the pools and fields in the morning, feed there, and herded back to a random shelter to stay at night. Fortunately Santiago, the shepherd, does not suffer from this and sees thing in different lens, in fact the most exciting one, because he chose to do this job, not otherwise. He refuses a stable place in his family farm to become a shepherd, to explore the word, to go further than any farmers in his village have ever been, to go further than any shepherds in Andalusia have ever been. This story, which may start earlier than it is written, is about the adventure of a shepherd searching for his treasure from Spain to Egypt, which in turn a big metaphor for every life on this Earth. Read More