I got my Bachelor degree in Ho Chi Minh University of Science, Vietnam. Currently, I am PhD student in School of Computing, National University of Singapore. My major is Computer Science, with best interests in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Game Theory, and Bioinformatics. Despite my passion for doing research, yet my working experiences are still at beginner level.

In March 2015, I interned at JAIST (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) with Game Refinement Theory project.

In February 2016, I interned at KIT (Kyoto Institute of Technology) with Natural Language Processing project about WordNet.

In September 2016, I interned at POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology) with Natural Language Processing project about Statistical Machine Translation in Vietnamese-Korean.

My desire is getting a PhD degree in aforementioned topics, working in top laboratories, and contributing my knowledge to science.

This blog was created in form of my first attempt to approach both Computer Science and General Science in my own way. To me, the best thing when extending an idea is the thinking process and looking for vital factors that affect it.

Feel free to give feedback on my work and tell me your idea.

Contact me via email, facebook or Linkedin. By the way, I also have an academic web page.



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