Information Theory A Tutorial Introduction – James V Stone

Our hero, Shrek, was just one step away from saving princess Fiona and getting his beloved swamp back.  However, the gate to the highest tower in the castle, where the princess was imprisoned, was guarded by a mighty Dragon. Fortunately, considered herself as an intellectual, Dragon refuses a battle of life and death, instead, she gave Shrek a puzzle to solve in order to pass through the door. It is as follows:

Given a 4×4 square (a) as below and a palette of 4 different colours represented as 4 different digits, can you produce the shortest sequence of digits such that I can perfectly reconstruct the square from?


With coloured box is encoded as a digit, can you encode the 4×4 square (a or b) as a sequence of digits such that it is the shortest and one can easily reconstruct the square from perfectly?

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The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch

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Sometimes, a push in the back is what one needs to move forward,  regardless how she is fully aware of what happening surrounding her or the right decision to make. The astonishing voyage of Professor Randy Pausch is that kind of catalyst, a sequence of childhood dreams come true, and an optimist man shares his life in the racing with the death sentence of pancreatic cancer in no more than six months.  Read More

Bayes’ Rule A Tutorial Introduction to Bayesian Analysis – James V Stone

Last week was such an unforgettable experience, thus I want to get my hand dirty right away to prepare a solid foundation for the ahead journey. And there is nothing better to start with than one of James V Stone’s books: Bayes’ Rule A Tutorial Introduction to Bayesian Analysis.

This book review is about my overall evaluation after finishing the book. In addition, not only do I summarise the key ideas in each chapter to provide more insightful of the lessons I have learned, but I also try to share my thought relating to personal experience. The book consists of 7 chapters, which I spent 1-2 hours for one chapter per day, though the contents vary in difficulty level and some require basic prior knowledge about probability.  Read More


The first time this book raised interest in me is when it was mentioned in the movie Conspiracy Theory (with Mel Gibson played as main actor). Thus, I am wondering why a New York taxi driver, who always has his own explanations for every events occurred on the news related to interference from government, is obsessed with buying a copy of the Catcher in the Rye every time he found one. Recently, I have a chance to find the answer on my own.  Read More


Those who lost the meaning of their life, shall find this book as a wonderful instructor than nothing else.

Under the view of outsiders, the life of a shepherd is a monotonic picture. It is a full boring circle of sequence of actions repeated day by day, where the flock of sheep are herded to the pools and fields in the morning, feed there, and herded back to a random shelter to stay at night. Fortunately Santiago, the shepherd, does not suffer from this and sees thing in different lens, in fact the most exciting one, because he chose to do this job, not otherwise. He refuses a stable place in his family farm to become a shepherd, to explore the word, to go further than any farmers in his village have ever been, to go further than any shepherds in Andalusia have ever been. This story, which may start earlier than it is written, is about the adventure of a shepherd searching for his treasure from Spain to Egypt, which in turn a big metaphor for every life on this Earth. Read More


Cũng lâu rồi mình mới có cảm giác muốn đọc ngấu nghiến một quyển sách từ đầu chí cuối, và hễ mắt thấy mỏi hay phải tạm gác lại để hoàn thành khóa luận là khó chịu như ai đó nắm lấy tai xách lên khi ta vẫn còn chìm đắm trong giấc mơ ngọt ngào đầy mộng mị. Cuốn sách là câu chuyện về hành trình của một gã sinh viên năm nhất khoa sân khấu tìm kiếm ý nghĩa sự sống, kẻ tự cho mình là bi quan nhất của cuộc đời, nhưng sau chót lại là biểu tượng cho sức sống mãnh liệt vì tình yêu. Với những người đang phải vật lộn căng thẳng trong cuộc sống, đây có thể xem như một liệu pháp trị liệu lành mạnh, nhưng phải nhớ, tuyệt nhiên không để những trang đầu đượm buồn làm chùn bước, bởi sau đó là một mạch truyện liền mạch khiến ta không dứt ra được, lại có cơ hội soi rọi bản thân mình trong những chuyện thường ngày đầy thẳng thắn của các nhân vật.  Read More

What I wish I knew when I was 20 – Tina Seelig

“Accidentally on Purpose”, an idiom which I overused many time which now literally becomes a memorable experience that I will never ever forget. Back to the time when I was doing my thesis in Kyoto, there are up and down moments, stressful can be smelt in the air, and my favor solution is to find a bookstore and stay there until night falls. For a non-native speaker, the best option is Bookoff in which always has a specific corner for secondhand English books with reasonable price. This place never stays the same everytime you visit, the position  of books changes, the old one finally find its suitable owner, the new with unpredictable  content waiting for passengers stop by, take a glance at its cover and decide to pick it up from the shelf. The rule is explained, everything now is in the hand of player, who must use all his skills to seek for the hidden treasure.  Read More