A Practical Guide to International Academic Conference “Etiquette”

The joy of being a researcher is to get your works published in an international conference or journal. This is a first-order approximation to quantify the contribution of one’s progress, weighted by both the number of publications and quality of the conferences that accept. Depends on the field of study, some value journal over conference, some do the other way around.

It is a controversial and interesting topic to talk about, yet it is beyond the scope of this post. A short answer lies on the speed of development of the field under consideration: if the gap is measured by year then we go with journal; if the gap is measured by month, conference is a better way to keep updated with the latest trend.

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Hej Sweden!

It’s been 2 weeks since my trip to Sweden, so it’s time to sit back and write down those memorable experiences of the very first European country I have ever visited. This post is divided into 3 sections: VISA preparation, Trip planning, and Personal Experiences. The first section is geographical-dependent, namely Singapore, but I believe it’s still applicable in other countries.

When writing this post, what I had in mind is not a mere tourism guide that is indistinguishable from those similar thousands of blog posts you can find on the internet, but also did I want to give you an idea, a starting point for a first-time traveller to plan your first trip abroad.

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Vietnamese students are more stupid than they think

While writing these lines, I feel extremely disappointed and outrageous at the same time. Before coming to any conclusion, let me remind you that I am a Vietnamese as well, so this means no offence in any sense.

I now in a middle of a Bioinformatics summer school, in which fortunately I was accepted to be a TA. Needless to say, this means a lot to me – one of the first steps in my academic career and helps me to explore what I am capable of and do best. Read More

My beloved professor, where are you? – Thầy của em đâu rồi?

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Khoảng tháng Tư vừa qua với mình là cả một chặng đường thử thách đầy cam go, nó mệt mỏi đến nỗi khiến mình dễ liên tưởng tới sự căng thẳng cùng kì năm ngoái cho luận văn Đại học. Dù sao, bản thân đã có thể dừng lại một chốc, trút khỏi vai  những suy nghĩ nặng nề và tự mỉm cười: ít ra thì mọi chuyện đã tạm thời kết thúc, hai người Thầy mình trong ngóng đều đồng ý hướng dẫn. Tương lai phía trước là tự do bản thân nắm lấy và quyết định. Cảm ơn những phút giây chia sẻ từ gia đình và mấy anh chị bạn ở đây, đặc biệt là bé mèo Kitty Plongphan và cô bạn thân Trần Thư.  Read More