Coco – The repetitive story that is never obsolete

This movie makes me feel like riding a roller-coaster of emotions, from ‘ehh’ to ‘wow’ then ‘nooo’. For the same reason as Inside Out, I feel have got enough of those new animation styles, which is no match for the era I was born, when artists used actual paint to create Snow White or Robin Hood. Besides, who cares how feeling feels, or a heroic young boy chases his musical dream,…pft, whatever. I can close my eyes and instantly tell you numerous patterns which a story could follow, from my experience in competing my dad to see who can guess what comes next on usual TV show. Therefore, I could proudly challenge people to tell me a story that I can barely know the end before it explicitly stated. Read More


La La Land

One of my girl-best friend once told me: “You are the most unmanly guy I have ever met”. Punch me straight to the face, but I’m glad to be like that, as I could be sympathy like one hundred and twenty percent to this touching movie.

It, is a typical story about a boy and a girl, who are pursuing their own dream, then found each other when being busy getting out of the struggles with life. Jazz, relaxing and energetic at the same time, connected the two passionate hearts like it used to back to the 1900s. No words are written, or spoken, only the sound of melody blended the souls and that’s it, human understand what other human want to express, in indescribable manner.  Read More