Linear programming – A powerful problem solving method that works effectively in practice but is provably hard in principle

There was a time, scientists had to predict nature with pure reasoning and looked for affirmative from observations. There was a time, practitioners could barely scan through all the possible solutions to analyse the correctness of a problem, and thus had to ask for help from mathematicians. And, there was a time, when mathematics listed a method as hard to solve (in terms of polynomial time) in principle then it came out to be a good fit in practice. Among those, there is Linear Programming (LP).

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Craig Federighi did not lie about FaceID and what it’s capable of

After September 12 Apple-event, the news of the new iPhone X and its cutting-edge facial recognition technology, namely FaceID, run all over the place. Besides a big leap in price in mobile-market making people suddenly be aware of their internal organ value, an inevitable question pops up about the reliability of FaceID. On one hand, it’s totally convenient to look at the screen and the phone automatically unlocks itself. On the other hand, such kind of privacy protection was proved to be imprecise from time to time and could be faked by a whole bunch of simple (or not) tricks: a photo of the owner, her video, or even a 3D model. Read More

How to catch the book thief of Tiki

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Có một dạo, cứ hở đến 3 giờ trưa là mình cùng đại ca Alex Huỳnh huy động anh em trong lab truy cập vào tiki tham gia giải đố, với niềm tin mạnh mẽ là ba, bốn bộ não đã quen với việc giải mã các dòng code thì đây chỉ là trò trẻ con. Thể lệ trò này trích nguyên văn như sau:  Read More